Invitation to Join a Writers' Support Group

सब बोल रहे हैं, सुन कौन रहा है?

सब लिख रहे हैं, पढ़ कौन रहा है?

Dear Readers

I hope this letter finds you interested in creativity. I warmly invite you to join a small writing community. We write together & read each other!

Community Benefits:

  1. Discipline in writing/overcoming writer’s block.

  2. Support from fellow writers/networking opportunities.

  3. Nudging/resource sharing in the group.

  4. Monthly recognition with voting for the best write-up.

  5. Quarterly coffee meet to discuss books, authors and their styles.


  1. A prompt will be shared on the first Friday every month in 2024.

  2. Write-ups must be posted in the WhatsApp group by month's last day.

  3. To begin with, submissions (500-1000 words ) must be in English. Submissions in other languages will be included as we grow together.

  4. Usage of tools like ChatGPT for writing is discouraged.

  5. It is preferable to create an online blog using substack, or medium. I use for its interface and growing community.

  6. Registered participants shall be removed from the group if they fail to submit the first write-up by January 31, 2024. Minimum six write-ups are to be completed in the year.

If you are willing to join, please fill the registration form below:

Note: I will add you to the WhatsApp group after receiving registration details.

Prompt for January: My Favorite Childhood Memory

To kickstart our journey, our first writing prompt is centred around the theme of ‘My Favorite Childhood Memory.’ It’s a nostalgic dive into the past, exploring moments that shaped who we are today. We shall read diverse stories and memories this prompt will evoke from each of you.

Deadline: Share the link in the group by January 31, 2024.

This writing community will be a platform for creativity, growth and mutual support. Looking forward to reading your beautiful creations!

Lots of love,

Ritika (Community Coordinator)

For more queries, please write to

(Disclaimer: It is my personal initiative, no sponsors involved)

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