Choices on Netflix & in Life

I had two choices yesterday on Netflix - kho gaye hum kahan and three of us. I just finished watching the former. But I began with the latter. Kho gaye was too fast for me, and three of us too slow; the average speed of entertainment turned out okay. I had time to watch one, but I wanted to watch both. So I used fast-forward mode killing the joy of watching either. It sounds weird to me too. I know the stories now, and can't watch them again. The filmmakers put in so much effort, one of them is a debutant, but I didn't have time. I had to write this blog. But, who reads my blogs? If you are reading, how much time do you have in life?

Time is money, but one who has time has no money. I don't speak to many people over the phone. It saves energy and time. I prefer WhatsApp texts - laughter smileys are the best because laughing is not needed. I passively attend phone calls. Ma and Didi call me the most; every single day (Touchwood - Thoo Thoo). I dress up for the office every day. Wearing a kajal is a must; otherwise, people ask if I am sick. Giving the same answer wastes my time. I spend the same time filling water bottles. Five litres of water is very important. I decide every day to drink at least three litres, but then I don't have the time to remember this every hour. Hours skip. Time runs. But not on the treadmill. On the treadmill, time freezes. I plan to walk for 30 minutes in the evening, but I am bored in 20 minutes. Then I decide to practise yoga in the morning. The next morning, didi does not turn up, and the plan to suck oxygen from the environment fails. Then I crib about household work, curse the universe, and pray for didi's recovery. This also needs time.

It is the last day of the year. I have to reflect on what I did in 2023 - my achievements, failures, and learnings. I can do it on the 1st of January also, but I may not have time. My samrajya will send me wishes, so I have to reply. It is compulsory else they will not wish me and I will die lonely. Don't feel weird, death is inevitable. Embrace it. Don't be scared. Meditate every day. Don't stress out. Enjoy life. Lose at least 5 kg next year, but overindulge tonight and wake up with a hangover on the 1st of January at 1 pm. Start from 2nd January, or 3rd, or 4th. Every day is a new beginning. Life is beautiful. Remember to drink 5 litres of water and workout. Eat seeds, oats, and quinoa, and drink sattu because globalization is obvious but going local is also important. Don't eat brown bread; they mix color. Don't eat white bread also; eat grass. Remember to sleep eight hours a day. If you forget, go to a doctor. It could be dementia. Shefali Chhaya was diagnosed with dementia in three of us. I would have googled the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's disease but I don't have time. Otherwise, I would not have seen the movie in fast-forward mode.

Party tonight. If you don't have time, you may be earning money. One day convert all your money into time and watch movies on Netflix, but not in fast-forward mode. That time, slow down, but not as slow as three of us. I liked the movie. Everyone had little time and little money. No one was sad, no one was happy. Everyone was normal.

Have a normal year ahead and like, share, and subscribe, or don't if there is no time. Bye. I have to read a book now because reading books is also very important.

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